About Me

Welcome to my Blog šŸ™‚

My name Zainab aka Zee I’m a BLACK, MUSLIM FEMALE.. (YES , all the odds are against me , oh well !)

I’m a married mother of 3 little humans who do my head in but I love to bits !

I Enjoy, eating , cooking ,blah blah blah and of course playing rugby… like smashing into people on a Sunday is my fave thing to do, you should try it! massive stress reliever!

I’m a nurse by profession , NICU nurse to be precise so after a long shift of looking after babies, I come home to look after my own babies…. so babies 24/7 .. Damn! …that’s a lot right! – I love it really and I cant see my self doing any other job

Anyway I’ve told you more than enough

Just to let you know everything I write on here is raw and honest , mainly about motherhood but I may venture into other things once in a while !

Hope you enjoy !


Zee x