Rugby vs Babymama

So it’s almost 3 months after giving birth to my first child and I am standing on the rugby pitch preparing for kick off.

What am I doing? Am I fit enough? Will I survive this game? What about if my milk starts leaking Everywhere ?

All these thoughts get pushed to the back of my head because right now i have a hench forward running towards me about to bulldoze me out the way !!…EEeeeek!!

You may not be aware but rugby is a physical game that involves running and tackling … I kinda forgot how to run and as for the tackling I missed a try saving tackle… Oops…. I just thought ill let her have that one because I liked her snazzy boots ( the truth is… I couldn’t catch her).

Its halftime and we are losing by loads. I give myself a pep talk. ‘Come on Zee you can do this , you’ve pushed out a 4kg baby .. this is nothing.. you’ve got this Zee.’ I’m all fired up after talking to myself and trying not to look like I’m having a postnatal episode.

I thought right ! To stop myself from dropping the ball .. I’ll pretend that I’m holding my 3month old. That should do it. I mean what mother would want to drop her baby!

10mins later …i’ve dropped the ball 5 times (social services would have taken my baby away by now) which has resulted in a turnover and the ball been given to the opposition. At this rate I’m pretty sure my team wished that I was playing for the opposition!

I bet they are thinking ‘Wow Zee you should have stayed at home with the baby’… I’m slightly thinking the same but Its too late now plus I want to prove them wrong!

Out of no where here’s me ( Zee that is ) making a break ! … i run past the last line of defence and im off towards the try line! Im suprising myself at this moment. .my heart is on fire beating a 1000bpm , legs are tired .. I can feel myself slowing down and regret all the fitness sessions i made excuses for skipping… who cares I’m almost at the try line… I’m going to get my first baby mumma try !! The high school musical song comes into my head… ‘this is real this mee im exactly where I’m supposed to be , gonna let the light shine on mmmm…..,
BAMM !! I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes…

Bitch just tackled me from behind…I was
50 metres out from the try line ( yes i still had half of the pitch to go).
I’m laying on the ground , pissed off thinking if i should squirt milk in her EYE !!… but also glad because SHIT…I needed a breather.. I just busted my gut and got tackled but hey she did me a favour.. I just want to stay on the ground and watch the last 10mins of the game from there to be honest.

I get back up with the FINISH HARD attitude and also becase there’s a massive Bee hovering over my head.

Just as i got up our team scored ! YAAY!! See ! they were doing better without me.

The referee blows the final whistle… and the opposition are jumping with joy at their win … I wanted to jump with them because I survived my first game back. But i had to be smpathetic because we lost like 5- (a very high number!)

We huddle together to take a team photo under the post. I have a big grin on my face.. happy that I am back in action with my rugby family but even more happier that my breast pads didn’t fall out.. I mean that would’ve been pretty embarrassing!




Zee x

12 thoughts on “Rugby vs Babymama

  1. Joyfuk says:

    “I’m laying on the ground , pissed off thinking if i should squirt milk in her EYE !!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 too funny!


  2. Rafatu Inusah says:

    I just love you…you are so amazing my dear.
    May Allah bless you more and grant you the strength to take care of yourself and the family. Rugby for real


  3. K says:

    The bit about squirting milk in her eyes 😂😂😂😂 I cannot believe you actually managed this 3 months after birth though you absolute trooper! I remember I went for a job interview 8 weeks after birth and I was also experiencing my first period after pregnancy and when I tell you it was heavy…I was filling up any sanitary towel within 30mins-45mins of putting it on. I ended up leaking through my skirt during the interview even though I put in fresh towels at the actual interview place just before my interview (thank God it was a black skirt) and I only realised after I got up to do the presentation part of the interview. I felt so drained and mortified in case anyone saw (they didn’t thank God) but I gave it everything I could. Didn’t get it in the end but i was massively proud of myself for even applying anyway lol


    • throughzeeseyes29 says:

      Wow, job intervirw at 8 weeks! U go girl. That anxiety of not knowing if anyone can see a leak 😣. Also, i was so ready to be active again after giving birth, it gave me abit of the me time that is well needed! X


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