My Birth Story (2nd Child)

It’s Thursday 5th April 2018 I’m running late….as usual. My induction appointment is at 4.00pm and it’s now  4.30 pm and im still home! Typical black timing ..smh

I get to the maternity reception desk an hour late. Guess what the midwife says? … I’m sorry there aren’t any beds. REALLY!! I thought this kind of thing only happens on One Born every Minute.

Hmm maybe I should put on an Oscar winning performance and pretend I’m in excruciating pain or just tell her i work here as a Nurse ( either plans might get me a bed ) because I can’t go back home… not now.  She tells me not to go home yet she’ll get a doctor to speak to me .

It’s 8pm and the doctor  FINALLY comes to tell me I can stay and that  they have a bed. BUT… I have to wait for the midwives to prepare the bed for me before I can be taken to the bedside.

10.15pm I am finally taken to my bed. I’m convinced that the midwives went to the bed sheet factory to make the sheets then brought it to the hospital to make my bed because it couldn’t of taken them over 2 hours to make a bed.

At least now I can relax and prepare myself for the birthing process!

The Gel was put in at 12.30am. Midwife says I’m 1cm prior to putting the gel in. She will come to check me in 6hrs

Had a sleep. Woke up at 3.00am and had a warm shower.. Feeling refreshed.
Feeling some contractions its 3.50 and I’m using contraction timer to monitor my contractions. They are bearable but every 3-5 minutes.

Its 4.50 and My colleague has come to keep me company bless her , we take a walk in the hospital corridors to help the baby descend.

6.15 I’m due a check as its coming up to 6hrs since I’ve had the gel. But the midwife is super busy. Has she forgotten? I press the bell . She comes to check me I’m still 1cm , but my cervix has softened at least

7.00am Pain of contractions are getting worse. I’ve asked for some pain killers. I’ve been offered Paracetamol … Paracetamol !! R u kidding me.. I take that for a regular headache and the midwife is offering it to me when i feel like I’m dying..seriously!! ‘I need something stronger ,this won’t do anything for me I said to her’… Then she came back with paracetamol with codeine . I waited for about 40mins ….hoping the pain relief would kick in… it didn’t do shit for me tbh

7.45 Ringing the buzzer so i can be examined as the pain is alot. I need gas and air or something . I text hubby to make his way to hospital ASAP if he wants to witness the birth because the contraction felt more stronger and frequent. The night nurse checked me before leaving she said I was 2cm. 2 FUCKING cm and I’m in this much pain… i think i want a c section because I can’t go on like this.

8.00 The hand over has finished and as my night midwife leaves my day midwife comes to introduce herself… I tell her i need more pain relief
8.15 I was given pethidine to help with pain.. stinging injection into my thigh muscle. I feel high the injection has taken the edge off the pain but I feel like having a wee . I walk as slow as a turtle to the nearest toilet…caving over in pain with each contraction
8.30.Breakfast comes and i order toast (brown bread) and cup of tea.. I take a bite in between contractions. The pethidine has worn off. I’m just eating for the sake of eating because the pain has taken away my appetite. However I know I need the energy for pushing later.
9.00 am hubby is here , he’s shoving dates in my mouth as it apparently helps with the pain and makes delivery quicker. I told him I don’t want any more as im still chewing the last one he put in my mouth.
9.45 at this point I’m in excruciating pain …’ ya rabb ya rabb ‘ ( Oh God ‘ Oh God) was the only thing coming out my mouth… I though if i am going to talk I might aswell say something beneficial.
9.50 Turning over to my husband I said I think the baby is coming. I feel ill need to push soon. I’ve done been pressing the bell but before anyone will come i probs would have given birth already. So just in case, I sent him to get the midwife …
9.55 I’m rolling around the bed in agony.. the midwife rushes over to check me over. I’m 7cm! Thank God- ‘let’s get u to labour ward now ‘ it won’t be long now she says.. I could have told her that tbh.
10.05 I’m in labour room high as a kite on gas and air… I’m getting poked with needles so a cannula can be put in. My hubby is rubbing my feet because bless him he wants to feel like he is helping.
10.15 My sister bursts into the delivery room with bright yellow jacket… looking like the bird from sesame street… the midwife who is trying to get things ready for the birth looks at her and ask who are you? .. she like I’m her sister ( in a you defo ain’t kicking me out tone).
11.15 With 3 pushes he came out… like a don.. still in his sack and all. I wish we got a photo . 1in 80,000 births happen this way and we missed the photo opportunity… typical. The midwife said it was her first sac birth.
There he has was my little man. Put straight onto my chest… All the pain and suffering was forgotten and it was all worth it !
Zee  💙❤


8 thoughts on “My Birth Story (2nd Child)

  1. loredana dumbraveanu says:

    Zainab, you are so hilarious..enjoyed all your stories, and definitely every parent can relate to your experience from birth to parenthood. Keep it up hun,u can do it, u can survive Parenthood!!💃🍼👶💓🍰.


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